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GPs respond to five forms of question by pointing to the correct drawing: Who lives in Russia? Who speaks Hindi? Who is learning Russian? Who wants to go to Russia? Who is from India? In the case of "Who wants to go to X?" it will be the female counterpart of the male who is in country X. In the case of the Indian in Russia, it will be correct to point to him as the one living in Russia, as the one who knows Hindi, and as the one who is learning Russian. The GP would answer "Who wants to go to Russia" by pointing at the Indian's wife. 

Materials Needed:

Map. Drawings representing people of different nationalities. Have a male and female of each. Place the males in the countries on the map that have been learned, but don't put any of them in their own countries. For example, put the Chinese person in America, the Indian person in Russia, etc. Arrange the females along the bottom of the map.