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The Nurturer gives instructions to the GPs of the form, "Give a large red candy to the horse; Give a small green candy to the dog..."

Be sure to include any animals that the GPs so far remember only weakly, along with some of the ones they remember most strongly.

Colored candies work nicely in this activity, especially if you have small and large ones. Spread out a number of the toy animals (or animal drawings). 

Materials to gather

Other options are buttons, flat beads, or colored paper clips in two sizes.

Idea #2

With puppets: To first demonstrate the actions, “give” and “take”, the nurturer can use her puppet assistant. She says to the puppet. “Take the red candy.” “Give the red candy to the dog.” She can continue to give several instructions to the puppet until she feels that the GP is ready to follow instructions.

Materials to gather

Puppets or stuffed animals