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  How is your family/work?

A: Good morning. How are you?

B: I'm great. Thanks.

B: How are you today?

A: Fine. Thanks.

Boy: How is your family?

Old man: My family is fine. Thanks for asking. How is your family?

Boy: My family is fine.

Boy: See you later.

Old man: See you later.

Old man: How is school going?

Boy: School is going great!

Boy: How is work going for you?

Old man: Work is fine. Things are very busy at work.

  1. Morning
  2. Good morning/ morning/ hello/ Top of the morning to you
  3. Good morning./ How are you?/ Howdy
  4. So long/ See you later/ Have a good day
  5. See you/ Same to you

  1. afternoon
  2. good afternoon/ afternoon/ hello
  3. good afternoon/ hello/ good to see you
  4. goodbye/ see you later
  5. bye now

  1. evening
  2. good evening/ hello
  3. Good evening/ hi, there/ hello
  4. see you tomorrow/ bye/ good night
  5. bye bye/ night/ take care