The new action, "holding" is introduced. (As always, this will depend on the language. There is usually a word that translates as "holding", but it might be that another type of expression is used.) Each person holds one or more of the objects. At times the Nurturer and another person together hold a single object, or two GPs together hold a single object.

The Nurturer, at each round, describes the entire situation to one or two of the GPs: "You are holding a table, he is holding a knife, and we are holding a dog"; "They are holding a chair, I am holding the garbage, and you are holding a frog."

Activities such as this one are aimed at providing lots of exposure to the use of first, second, third person pronouns, action forms, etc.

(See also the suggestions in the introduction for using digital pictures, and puppets.)

Materials to gather

The toys or drawings used for learning the names of animals, furniture, people, etc.

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